Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is such a format of Internet marketing that deals with the promotion of websites by increasing the visibility of the website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) mainly via paid advertising. SEM might co-operate with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) who rewrites or adjusts the contents of the website or its architecture and designs to gain top rankings in search engine result pages to increase the pay per click (PPC) listings. US advertisers spent 24.6 billion USD on search engine marketing in 2014. Google (73.7%) and Yahoo/Bing (26.3%) partnership were responsible for almost 100% of US search engine expenditure in the second half of 2015. SEM grew much rapidly than traditional advertising and other channels of online marketing since 2006. The management of search campaigns can be performed directly with the SEM agent or via SEM tool provider and also through self-serving or via an advertising agency.


Since the number of websites got rapid increase around the 1990s, search engines started to help a user to find the desired search appropriately. The search engine market was dominated by Google since 2000 through Google Ad Words program, however, Yahoo! and Microsoft thought of forging an alliance in 2009 which received approval eventually from the regulators in US and Europe in February of 2010. The SEO consultants increased their service of helping business to study and know about the use of the advertising opportunities offered by search engines. The new agencies mainly focused on marketing and advertising via a search engine. Danny Sulivan proposed the term, “Search Engine Marketing” in 2001 in order to cover the list of actions involved in executing SEO, submitting sites to directories, managing paid listings and developing online marketing strategies and policies for the organization, individuals or business.


SEM includes both organic search results (SEO) as well as paid search results i.e using tools like Bing Ads or Google Ad words which were previously known as Microsoft adCenter. SEM uses paid advertising with Bing Ads or Ad Words, pay per click (PPC), article submissions, advertisements and ensure that SEO has been performed. Both SEO and SEM performs the keyword analysis however it is not necessary that it should be performed at the same time.