According to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”
The process of increasing the quantity as well as the quality of the traffic to the website through the search engine results is called Search engine optimization (SEO). Talking about the search engine optimization to a new website, some of the business can get shocked and tariffed. This is because of the amount of information kept there. They can do nothing if they don’t have any help from the experiences in-house SEO.
A simple Step by step guide to SEO:

On-Site SEO basic:

Some of the important activities for the search engine optimization occur on the respective website. We can hear different types of the link building, but the main point is that without having good on-site search optimization, it is no more effective. When it comes to the keyword optimization five keywords or phrase of the keyword should be used to optimize them.

Title Tag:

It is the very first content on the website. It helps to show what the website is about. And the consideration of this title tag must be of 70 characters or less. It actually includes the business or the brand name which will reflect the specific page. This tag is mainly lying between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags near the top of the HTML code.

META Description:

Meta description helps to give the detail information about the website page to the search engine. It may help with the keyword ranking.

Additional On-site SEO Elements

There are other SEO elements which are important like title tag and the Meta description.

Internal links:

Link building is not just used in external sites but also used in internal sites linking process. Internally linking to other pages on the distinct website within the content will help to know search engine more about the website.

Header Tags:

Header tags use to break the content into the section as well as let the search engines know more about each section of the content. Header tags help to reflect the clear format of the content used on the website.

Image Name & ALT tags:

Image name should be good keywords for both the image name and the alt tag if the admin thinks of using the image in his website. Admin have to use the image name and alt tag as
<img src= “on-site-search-optimization-seo-title-tag.png” alt= “On-Site Search Optimization SEO Title Tag” />
This will help search engine in finding the images of products for their image.

Need of Content

If the admin though of keeping the latest news about the business marketing, then he has to detail go through the content development as well as content marketing. Content is very important for the search engine as well as website visitors. This will put your website more likely in the search index so that visitors will spend more time on such website which contains more content. Content on a website contains:
• Blog post
• Tutorials
• Videos
• Articles