How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free


Here is some technique to get more traffic in your blog free.

There is a various method of increasing the traffic in your blog.

       i.Understanding audience:

First of all in order to create a site or content you need to visualize what kind of audience is going to look through your content. By conducting research you have to find out what kind of people are interested in your content or blogs. You have to reach the audience with the high view rate on your blogs.

After reaching to an audience, conduct the research about their information including age, profession and what type of content they are reading in your blogs. After gathering the information you can analyze what kind of audience are viewing and for what purpose. Then research place where you can find an audience who are like the audience frequently reading your blogs. After finding the place you can post the link and your contents to the place which will help you attract more traffics to your blogs.

     ii.Forum Marketing:

You have to promote your industry by sharing your expertise with the people who are unknown to the industry and want something from the industry. Find the right forum to market and post your blogs so that you can get the audience which are looking forward to reaching your blogs. After finding of your audience you have to find a right forum which is popular with the audience which you are targeting for.

Forum marketing is an extraordinary arrangement that is greatly powerful, enabling you to participate in discussions and answer questions, linking to your substance at whatever point appropriately. You can manufacture associations with individuals from your intended interest group and professional companions alike. It helps to draw the right traffic to your blogs or the website.

  iii. Blog commenting:

You have to make your site active my initiating in different blog commenting. If the blogs are related to the audience you are looking for then don’t hesitate to comment on any queries in other blogs. Commenting on the right blog is one of the most effective way of guiding the right audience to your site or blogs.

Try to comment on as much as blogs as possible. While commenting in any blogs you must verify if the blog you are commenting is related to your audience or not. Before commenting on any blogs you have to analyze the blogs category, its information. Don’t try to comment on the blogs which are not related to your content, it may result in bringing false traffic and they can rate your site or blogs to lowest ranking which may affect other traffic visiting your blogs.

  iv.Updating content:

Make sure you update your content every while and then it will help to keep the traffic to your site. An audience which is already a member of your blogs want to read more from you. If you are not able to update your content they may get disappointed and may not again visit your blog.

Before adding any content go through the previous content research about your audience and try to prepare the blog that the audience wants you to post. It will help to organizer loyalty between your blogs and the audience. Content should be meaningful and informative with some concentration of keyword. This helps you blogs pages ranking in the search engine and your content will appear on top of SERPs. Which is effective for attracting more traffic to your blogs.

     v.Social media and bookmarking:

Social media marketing is more useful than ever in increasing the traffic to your blogs. You have to create your profile on various social media. Where you can post your status of blogs and you can create a group of people who are interested in your blogs.

Before adding any members on your profile or page on social media be sure to research what kind of traffic do you want on your blog? You have to provide the link of your blog or website to various groups that have the audience that you wanted on your blog. if you have many social media account and is able to reach the right audience to whom your contents are fit then they all are likely to visit your blog time and again. So, the social media and bookmarking help to attract a great number of audience to your blogs.

  vi. Meaningful and attractive title

You have to create a most effective title that perfectly suits your content. You should include the keyword in the title of your blog it helps to boost your ranking while the keyword you have in the title is searched in the search engine. If you have the effective title then you can get the audience the right idea about your blog. So before titling any of your blogs you must visualize the keyword that is most appropriate to your blog and is also one of the most used keyword as well. You can guide the right audience to your blog with an effective title.



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