How to Write SEO Friendly Content

how to write seo friendly content

When we talk about writing web content, the first thing that comes to our mind is How to write a search-friendly content? Well, there are a lot of things that make a content search friendly and the most important thing that makes it possible is a way we prepare our content.

Here we have some basic content writing tricks that surely help boost your site and helps you to reach out to your customer. As the basic thing about letting people know what services you sell through your blog is by making them understand what you do which is only possible through with the help of a good and pursuable content. So, let’s take a look at the ways we have to prepare our content so that our readers and search engines both consider it as a valuable piece of information.

Well SEO or Search Engine Optimization is nothing but a process of breaking down the big part of what we do in a real business environment into small understandable pieces (contents) and optimizing your website or a blog so that it reaches the required audiences via search engines.

By the term “content,” we refer to the information that we fetch to our blog or website that lives on the web. But it is not all easy as you think.

We can’t forget that we are writing the content for two different things, at first it should be good enough for Search Engines so that it becomes trusted enough to be displayed at the front page, on the other hand it should not only contain keywords but should hold the necessary information so that readers can return with the solution for their question with which they entered your blog.

Let’s see what quality content is?

As a whole SEO consists of four major components Keyword Research, Keyword Optimization, Content Organization, and Content Promotion. But in this portion, we are mainly going to talk about developing quality content only. So, what makes content a good quality content? Well, there are things that help make a quality content and it is completely different from writing for printed media.

Four major things that we should keep in mind while writing quality web content is Research on the topic, Smart writing and Customer engagement, and pursuance of our ideas.

Research enhances reliability

Once you get the idea of what your blog is going to be all about. Conversion is only possible if they trust your site, so reliable contents need a plan. After you have a plan all you need to see is how the content is presented by your possible competitors and what else can you find on other person’s blogs and sites that you can add on yours or what should you exclude from your content which is making it look unreal or bulky.

Keyword placement

After you have a proper plan and researched content then you need to take a look at your keywords and its density. See, keyword is a very important thing it is the basic of what you are writing and search engine will read your site on the basis of keywords but overuse of keyword is extremely harmful and if you do that Google’s algorithm may recognize it as a spam content and instead of enlisting it in its first page it may be kicked far-far away in the deep ocean of sites.

Content Organization

Placing right content in right context is super important. So if you are talking about a product and then suddenly before even giving the importance of the product you can’t give the price of the product and information regarding buying it because your client will sweep away before conversion as no one wants to scroll to see what it actually is after seeing the price and other details. So to make any impressive content you should keep in mind a simple “Context-Content” rule.

Content Promotion

SEO techniques for making your content click-worthy is somewhat a part of the content promotion, rest of the SEO promotion Social media promotion and guest blogging can be found in different Topics here on other pages on my site.

We use subheadings for making content click-worthy. Catchy beginning and relatable stories undoubtedly make your audiences to stay more on your site. And as it is said, A good content is a king which sells itself.  And no matter whatever changes Google brings good quality content will never fade away.



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