SEO Trends To Look For in 2018


SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

        i.The rise of SERP features:

Any SEO professional wants their site to rank #1 in SERPs. But in present condition, it’s not so good even if your page is ranking first and lacking all the cluttered with images, videos, links, social media mentions, in-depth article listings, various widgets, and ads.

You cannot get the desired traffic even if you rank first without having any of these extra page features, widgets and link on your content. Your link may disappear in the midst of other pages features though they lack behind you in SERPs.

Even though keyword is still important for ranking but they are taking over with some offsite element to take over.

Now it’s even harder to rank your website or content on SERPs. But if you have done enough research on keywords and added required features to your link you will still be able to get desired traffic to your website.

     ii.Increased Page Relevance:

As Google is continuing to research on providing their user with the best browsing experience. They want only the safest and the relevant information to reach their users. For that Google has updated its relevancy and started to search for the queries that are the best fit for the user keyword or search queries even if it is different from their database.

From 2018 the search engine will evaluate your content relevancy. If your content lacks relevant information and includes many keyword googles may ignore your content and will search for the best content with great relevancy. Google additionally can examine top positioning pages as distinguish similarities and shared features among them.

   iii.Mobile-first indexing:

As of nowadays, the smartphone is being used more than any other bigger devices like laptops and computer. As a matter of fact, there are more people who are using smartphones in order to browse web than browsing through the typical way using desktops. So starting now you don’t have a choice but to create your website designs and content design more responsive to both mobile and PC platforms. If your site is responsive with mobile indexing then be confident that your site will be ranked higher.

   iv. Voice search and featured snippets will grow hand-in-hand:

As in the year 2017, the voice search will still continue to develop many smartphones are including the voice search on their device. Even the windows are letting Cortana use voice search on the PC and laptops. As the voice search is developing and is also fascinating the search engine it means you now have to research for the keyword that is well in conversation than in typing. People will often try to search with their voice rather than typing as it is fast and more reliable than typing. The expanded detail of search queries implies you’ll have to go past the straightforward keyword and phrases to rank and concentrate more on terms and phrases individuals are naturally going to state so anyone can hear.


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