Why do you need SEO? What are search engine looking for?

what are search engine lookingfor

Need of SEO:

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is a term for methods/tool to enlist your site on top of any search engine and make your website or your content visible over the Search engine results page (SERPs).

A basic need of SEO is to enlist your site over top of every SERPs. Another than that it helps to build strong site architecture and provides clearer navigation of your site which automatically focuses on helping search engine to index your content or page. SEO has various terms that focus on optimizing the webpage which means you page gets better while you are applying SEO to your page. The good and optimized page is the main source to attract the genuine traffic to your website.

Almost 65% of traffic to every website is driven by the search engine and 12% of them are direct and doing SEO to your site helps you in both the term i.e. you can get the more traffic from the search engine as the results are displayed on top of SERPs and as your page is optimized more experienced user visit your site respectively.

What is the search engine looking for?

  1. Relevancy:

Search engine mostly tries to provide the genuine data and information to the user and the searchers. If you search any terms with any keyword then the search engine is mostly providing you with the data that is more informative than any other on the top of their page. As the search engine has their own algorithm for providing the data and information based on any keywords. You will not be able to find it any case but you should try to understand what kind of content is more prioritize and informative.

2. Quality of content:

Mainly many websites focus on including their content with as much as keyword as possible but now days the internet has become more competitive and hence the search engine wants to provide the users with most qualified results so while writing contents one must care about the quality and should focus on making it more relevant and informative as much as possible. It doesn’t mean that your are only going to include only informative data but you should also provide some keywords within it to make it more relevant to the search engine.

  • User experience:

You must create your site easily navigable, clearly searchable and with minimum linking as much as possible. You must make your content more informative so that genuine user may visit your website several time for only to take information.

3. Site Speed:

You must increase the site speed as the Google wants the site that is fast loading so a user doesn’t have to wait for long to get the information. If your site speed is good even at mobile and many another device then you have a higher chance of ranking higher in the search engine.

4. Cross-device Compatibility:

If your site is responsive to any devices then the search engine is giving priority to those sites. So making the site compatibility with every device is the basis of the SEO.

5. Internal Linking:

Too many internal linking may be fatal to your site but using it with a more informative case it will help you reach the top of every SERPs. As it provides your audience with further reading options. If your internal link is more relevant and is used more information than it is fine to use your internal links.

Internal linking can be used in keywords if you are using internal linking and over the keywords it makes you’re more effective for SEO. Not only that if the user is able to get good information out of your link then they will visit time and again which automatically improves your ranking.

  • Authority:

If your website is trusted by users then you have the right of authority as your links and information are informative and user value your information. If your website is authority then every link provided by your website is more valued by a search engine. This will improve the ranking your website over the search engine.


  • Meta descriptions an title tags:

If you have the good descriptions then your link may be visited by most of the user. It doesn’t particularly help you in SEO but it attracts more traffic to your site than any other sites without any description. A meta description is a short paragraph which is usually shown under your URL while searching for the keywords. If your Meta description and the title of your site is more attractive then you can increase traffic to your website.

  • Schema markup:

A schema is likewise the favored strategy for markup by most search engines including Google, and it’s genuinely clear to utilize. You can make your query items seem more appealing by adding Schema markup to the HTML of your pages. This can help transform your list items into a rich media play area, including star-ratings, client ratings, pictures, and different bits of supportive data.

  1. Properly tagged image:

A search engine is mostly searching for the sites that have less error or errorless site simply as their search results. If you have an image and not tagged that image that is against any W3C validation. So you have less chance to appear on top of any SERPs. So while inserting images on your site you must be able to tag that image properly with the right information about it.

2. Evergreen content:

The search engine wants the content that is more informative and is able to provide a user with the information that is long lasting. If you can prepare the content that has information that can last long and is informative then a user will visit your site time and again which helps you to increase traffic which will also increase your ranking on the Search engine.

  • Headlines and permalinks:

Headlines for any content you are writing must be lower than 55 characters to ensure they are completely visible in the SERPs. We should ensure that they are attractive, informative and more user-friendly. This will take the viewer to your site. If your headlines are too much catchy and are more valued than your content then it’s no good, a search engine may view it as a click-bait headline. Permalinks should be more of keywords not that it should use any headlines important. If you are able to put out the right keyword then you have more chances of being on top of SERPs.

  • Comments:

Try not to disable your comments system. Having a flourishing group of consistent analysts taking part in discourse under your posts demonstrates that guests think enough about your substance to either make their own particular pertinent indicates or adulate it or to heartlessly gut it. In any case, in any event individuals are understanding it.

6. Domain names:

You should utilize sub-directory root domains (searchenginewatch.com/category/web optimization) rather than sub-domains (searchenginewatch.category.seo.com) as this is better for your general website design. You should avoid any kinds of special character in your domain name which will also affect the website if you want your website on top of SERPs. You should focus on keyword while thinking of any domain name which ultimately helps you improve ranking in the search engine. Likewise, you should ensure that in the event that you work a site without the www. Prefix, somebody who writes in www.example.com will at present be diverted to your site. On the off chance that this isn’t going on, Google may expect these are two distinct locales and your deceivability could be traded off.

  • Local SEO:

Progressively Google is serving results to clients in light of their area. This is especially vital to businesses out there in reality who need to get a searcher’s attention exactly at the correct minute, i.e. while strolling down the street, on their versatile and searching for someplace to eat.

You should register with Google My Business and guarantee that the greater part of your data is precise and up and becoming, for example, opening circumstances, contact data, client reviews and that you’re arranged effectively.


  • Social media marketing:

You have to ensure you’re available on all relevant social channels (wherever your group of onlookers might be), and not simply broadcasting your content in a faceless way, however by utilizing it as a customer benefit channel and truly connecting with individuals in an agreeable, accommodating and engaging way. This way you can increase the traffic on your page which will make your page more reliable according to the search engine and they make your site to appear on top of their SERPs.


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